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Club Memberships

Memberships and programs designed to accommodate your frequency of play.
We want all our members to get the most value for your membership with Rutland Country Club. To suit today’s busy lifestyles, we’ve designed many flexible versions of golf memberships to suit everyone, from for those preferring the convenience and value of unlimited golf and access to tournaments and events, to our Fareway Card with pre-established numbers of rounds and even prepaid café credit for Baxter’s. Talk to Kristen or Becky to check out our wide assortment of options available, or email them to learn more at Kristen@rutlandcountryclub.com or becky@rutlandcountryclub.com.

More than just golf – Rutland Country Club is a social club!
We live in a social world today and nowhere is that more evident than at Rutland Country Club. Join us for fun with your friends and meet new friends on the course, at golf tournaments or in the pub after a round. For non-golfers, our social memberships provide all the benefits of the social events.

Speed of Play is all about the brilliant layout of the George Low designed golf course!
Many members and visitors to Rutland Country Club remark about how quickly the speed of play moves and how easy it is to play nine holes almost any time. It is the course layout and the close proximity to Rutland that make it convenient to drop in for a quick nine.

Membership has its privileges!
All memberships include the following unless otherwise noted in the descriptions below:  

  • No initiation fees
  • Online Tee Time Booking
  • Access to tournaments & leagues
  • Participation in State Days
  • Pro Shop discounts
  • Bag storage and lockers available
  • Discount cart rental program
  • Unlimited rounds of golf
  • 3 day advance online tee times
  • Handicap calculation (GHIN)
  • Charge privileges
  • Payment plans
  • Club social activities

Please call the office at 773-7061 for current rates and details.


Single Membership ~~ A person who has attained the age of 35 as of January 1st of the current golf season.
(Any person of age 26 or older may also apply for Senior Membership.)

This membership has no restriction of play. Senior members will have top priority for all tournament entries after two years of membership.  A purchase of stock is required in the first year only.

Super Senior Membership ~~
A person who will attain the age of 80 during the current calendar year and has been a member of RCC for at least 5 years.

Super Senior members will have top priority for all tournament entries after two years of membership.

Premium Membership ~~
A Premium member has additional privileges. 14-day Advance tee times, preferences in the weekend lottery tee times and 10% discount on all guest fees and café purchases. It also includes cart rental for yourself, bag storage and 6 guest greens fees, and $300 of pre-paid café credit.


Couples Membership ~~ A couple consists of 2 people, both being billed to one address.

Both billing billed th e same with unrestricted rounds.  2 assessments (capital and/or special). Only one must be a stock holder.

Family Membership ~~
A family may consist of 2 people, and any children, 18 years and younger.

Family members will have top priority for all tournament entries after two years of membership. 2 assessments (capital and/or special when applicable). Only one person must be a stock holder.

Young Professional ~~
A person between the ages of 19-34 as of January 1st of the current golf season.

This membership is responsible for 100% of the assessment charges.   This membership will be eligible for tournaments on a space available basis with priority given to the Senior Members.

College Intermediate Membership ~~ Proof of college status required with a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester needed. Definition: A person enrolled in college and between the ages of 17-24 as of January 1st of the current golf season.

This membership has the same benefits as a Senior Membership. College Intermediate members will have top priority for all tournament entries after two years of membership.

Junior Membership ~~ A person between the ages of 13-18 as of January 1st of the current golf season.

Playing time is restricted to playing before 10 a.m. and after 2 p.m. on weekdays, and after 2:30 on weekends, unless accompanied by a Senior member or with permission of the Pro Shop. A younger child may join if they have been assessed and approved by the golf professional.

Derivative Junior Membership ~~ A person under the age of 13 as of January 1st of current golf season and is the son or daughter of a current Senior member in good standing. *Derivative Juniors are not charged as they fall under their parent’s membership, but they are restricted to playing only with a senior member.

Social Membership $500  This has full charging privileges but does not include the benefits of a golf membership. You will receive 3 guest greens fees, a $250 prepaid café credit and reduced fees for use of the banquet room.

Corporate Memberships~~   We offer 3 levels of Corporate Memberships - Bronz/Silver/Gold.   Each level has different privileges.  Please contact the Pro Shop or the office for more information.

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Capital Assessments, Stock & Special Assessments:

Membership fees shown above do not include the purchase of a share of stock at a cost of $100, which is required for Senior members or higher. Your share of stock provides you with voting rights at the annual meeting and for the election of board members. If you leave the club, you can turn it in for the $100 you paid. It earns no interest, and loses no value.
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