Caddy Program

Many members prefer the assistance and presence of caddies when they walk the course, to help spot the ball, judge distances and help with their clubs.  Additionally, caddying is a very traditional way for the young golfers of our community to work at a summer job in a wonderfully friendly atmosphere. As a bonus, they benefit by learning some golf tips and enjoying the outdoors. Ask about our caddy program and take advantage of this hard-to-find golf tradition that we’re keeping alive.

In the spring of 2013, we thought we’d try bringing back the caddies that long ago were popular. Once golf carts came in to the picture, they were done away with. Now that we’re trying to stay healthier, and trying to get people into golf, we’re going to bring it back. We’ll have them available beginning in Mid-May for Friday, Saturday & Sunday, being notified ahead of time, as we have to notify the kids.

During tournaments we will also have them available. If you’re interested in being a caddy, please contact the Pro Shop at 773-3254 and he’ll give you the details.